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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


From Ohio comes the first combat ready member of the IYOA. This 1/144 scale model is courtesy of Robert Stalknaker. Still techincally under construction, the ship is seaworthy, and has even participated in actual battles. Roneert is planning to upgrade his Yamato by adding detail to the superstructure later this winter. Robert believes that form follows function and the Yamato is a fighting ship first, and a scale model second. A Yamato model with teeth!

Robert's Yamato can be seen in the photo above. It is the large one above on the left side. He aquired the kit from a friend at Battlers Connection in February 2006. It took him only about 2 months to complete and is armed with 7 StalkerMk VIII BB cannons for model warship combat. The 2 inboard propellers are geared to seperate motors, and the ship is also equipped with pumps to evacuate water during combat.

In April, following her completion, Robert's Yamato was actually featured on television, on a Travel Channel episode of "Inside R.C.". It was the featured ship of the program!

Robert sails his Yamato as often as he can with his friend Carl Camurati who owns a radio-controlled Musashi and is also a member of IYOA. Ohio seems to be the place to find Yamatos! Thanks Robert!

Built by: Robert Stalnaker.
Built: 2006.

Length: 6 feet 0 inches.

Width: 10.75 inches.

Home Waters: Hagerstown, Maryland, USA & Ohio, USA.

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    I love sailing my boats. Have you ever built a boat with inboard propellers before? Where do you get your parts?

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